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Hello everyone. Welcome to Manufacturing Portal. I created this portal to connect with students@IIITDM Kancheepuram and offer them opportunities for blended learning. In this page you can find the courses related to Manufacturing and Design. For all the courses, enrolment is necessary. Enrolment are manually carried out by faculty during the beginning of  the course. If you need to self enrol, please send a mail to skumaran@iiitdm.ac.in for the enrolments key. Thanks to Moodle and Amazon Web Servers for providing tools necessary to run this website at a nominal cost. Some interested student volunteers can help me enrich this website with more media contents. 

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    Available courses

    This STTP focuses on DfAM methods that identify opportunities for increased complexities in design. The aim of the training program is to understand the new found design freedom in Additive Manufacturing and optimizing the existing design using various tools. Faculty, Research scholars, Postgraduate and Graduate students from various institutions and delegates from the industries can register for the program. An understanding of various design methods and computer-aided design are the prerequisites for attending the program.


    Students will learn fundamentals of conventional and non-traditional manufacturing processes and to interpret product requirements to select and/or synthesize suitable manufacturing processes. At the end of the course, a student will be able to determine the appropriate manufacturing process(es) for the product to be made, analyse the suitability of a manufacturing process to convert the raw material to designed specifications and perform cost analysis for various manufacturing process to minimize the cost of processing the material

    This course is intended to help students gain experience with 3D Printing and explore additive manufacturing as a way to cut time-to-market. 3D Printing, and other additive manufacturing techniques, are commonly used for the production of rapid prototypes. However, with the rapid decline in cost and increase in quality of 3D Printing technology there is a case to be made for low volume agile, additive manufacturing of both end products and internal manufacturing fixtures. This course will introduce students to new novel 3D Printing processes, teach Design for Additive Manufacturing best practices, and give students hands-on experience in software and hardware for 3D Printing.